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Equipment Hire

W e have a range of specialist live video streaming equipment for hire.


LinkPro Hire

The solution to internet challenges on location.
We dry hire LinkPro units with all the data and backend support required. These units will solve your slow internet issues on location with six modems bonded together to create a powerful and reliable Wifi hub. 600 ft. wireless range, dual band 2.4/5GHz operation, and backed by our remote cloud support.

Bond Encoder Hire

Live streaming encoder with full redundancy across 6 connections. Using multiple 4GX connections bonded together to create one super connection, all video transmissions are reliable and scalable with multiple redundancies. Use of the mobile network means you can broadcast from anywhere with service – according to the telcos, this covers 95% of where Australians live.

All our Bond units are backed by our remote Master Control support. We can remotely transcode, simulcast to multiple destinations, record and monitor your live output from anywhere.