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Studio Design

W e have the expertise to provide you with consulting, building, equipment supply, installation and professional advice for all aspects of studio filming for any application.

Remote Studios

Livecrowd customised remote camera systems create quality and cost effective content production within your office, music venue or performance space.

How it works

Using the latest remote camera technology, our onsite studios are unobtrusive and fit within your workspace.

Each production booking is coordinated remotely. Our technicians control the cameras, communications and create a live transmission to any social media platform or a recording for future editing. No need for you to leave your premises.

Ongoing benefits

In order to create brand awareness and build an ongoing audience, your content strategy requires a consistent supply of content. Video content is the most effective form of engagement, but can be time consuming and expensive. An onsite studio resolves both these challenges

Studio Builds

Livecrowd can customise a new broadcast studio build to fit your available space and intended purpose.
We are experienced studio designers, project managers, equipment suppliers and installers. Livecrowd will work with your building management to provide industry expertise.