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Remote Live Production

W hat is remote live video streaming?
Presenters are located remotely at home, the office or just about anywhere with connectivity.

How is professional remote live streaming different?
We elevate the production by adding graphic elements such as name titles, opener/closer titles, pre-recorded video packages, slides, and seamless professional switching between remote contributors.

How do you manage the process?
All our remote live productions are managed and switched in our technical control room. We add redundancy to the live stream process with backup audio lines and transmission via fibre connectivity.
Prior to any remote live, testing is carried out to establish suitable connections between presenters and our technical control room.

What is the viewing experience?
All remote live streams are accessed and viewed via customised client pages. These pages are branded with your logos, capture audience registration details, and provide detailed viewer analytics. We can add any level of security your content may require. Locking to individuals, company protocols or locations.
We can also simulcast your live program to any social media platform or other websites.
Video On Demand is available on completion.

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Master Control Centre

Our extensive experience working for the world’s largest television broadcasters, has ingrained in us a mission critical approach to everything we do.

Livecrowd ensure maximum redundancy options are applied to every live broadcast.  We offer clients a full service master control centre to provide every live webcast with essential redundancy, technical support and monitoring.

Our master control is fitted with fibre connections, extensive monitoring, multiple decoders and encoders, recording facilities, and a selection of live switchers.

Services include; transcoding/decoding, remote live production switching, live coordination, ingesting videos/slides/graphics, archiving, live simulcasting to any number of social platforms or websites and direct connection to broadcasters.

Additional support services include; custom registration and viewing pages, live platforms, and hire of location encoders/decoders with Bonding.